Most people are baffled as to what to buy and what not to buy to decorate their Christmas trees as there is so much variety everywhere; it becomes really confusing to figure out the best! Therefore I have listed below some themes and decorations that will help you be specific in buying and making Christmas tree decorations this year.


1. Enchanting Jewel Tones

A collection of elegantly beaded ornaments in jewel tones and fans décor beautify the Christmas tree in a fashion that gives a feel of modern and ancient both. The souvenir lanterns can be hanged from the ceiling or wooden pools to give the whole scene a pictographic look.


2. Small Vintage Trees

Vintage is venerable! A set of old-looking holiday trees (like the ones in the picture below) give an instant festive touch to your table, especially the dinner table. The ball ornaments are from the 1940s that enhance the feel of holiday during the Christmas season.


3. White as a Feather

Feel the lightness of this whimsical white feather tree. This theme is a 20th-century theme, giving a crispy white feel and contrasting boldly with the traditional red and green theme. This white Christmas tree with rich blue and metallic ornaments gives a fresh and modern twist on traditional holiday decor. You can place it in the corner of the room or on the table.


4. Small Figurines Show

Look for all the old Christmas tree decorations in the house. Santa figurines, snowflakes, small wrapped gifts, candies, plastic and glass balls, small size wreaths, bells, and stockings repaint them. You can also use one color for all decorations, giving the entire room a monotonous Christmas touch.


5. Garlands and Balls Theme

Using paper chenille garland with shimmering glass balls on your Christmas tree will give bold look to the three. A quirky picket fence will give your decor a touch of completion. You can make the fence with ordinary thick/card papers.


6. The Ribbon Show

Pick some ribbons from your old Christmas and holiday decorations and paint them in different shades or in one shade only. If you can’t color the old ribbons then buy some from a retail store keeping in mind the theme color you have chosen for your tree this year. Blue, purple, green, red, any color, all colors are Christmas colors. If you want a traditional touch then stick to red and green.


7. Use Holiday Treats

You can decorate your Christmas tree with holiday treats. Take some cool wrappers, fill them with cotton or papers and tie them to your Christmas tree. Most chocolates and candies come in fancy wrappings. You can also use card paper cones put some candies in them and hang them on the tree.

8. Candy Theme

Candy, its shape and color has always fascinated people of all ages. What you can do is buy candy stickers from the market, or make candies from the paper at home. Stick these candies stickers to gift boxes, pictures, and walls. Christmas lollipops and glossy ribbon candies dangle stickers are very easy to get.


9. Moons & stars theme

Make moons and stars or buy them from a retail store. Hang them to the Christmas tree and with this add baked stuff decorations like cookies, pies, cakes and even puddings. Make plaids of ribbons and turn them into garlands and put them on your tree.


10. The tinsel Tree lights

If you want something really showy in the house then go with some shimmering vintage-style tinsel tree lights on your tree. Place the tree in a corner and it will still be visible. You can also use alcove beneath the stairs, creating an ideal spot to stow gifts for guests.

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