Not everyone thinks of frugality when it comes to celebrating occasions like Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. People tend to spend quite a lot on such needful times but it should be kept in mind that saving money can not only help the saver but may also, indirectly though, help the others.

Let’s talk about saving money this Thanksgivings


1. Keep it simple

From your Thanksgiving dinner to gifts giving, let everything be simple. Don’t go for extraordinary things that may go beyond your budget. Don’t double the dishes, don’t double your workload, don’t buy double things.


2. No extra food items

Do not cook items that may not be liked by the invitees. No experiments with new recipes! If you want something extra then add some mashed potatoes on the menu, some readymade juices. In order to be frugal, you can add garlic, fresh herbs, or even cheddar cheese and sour cream with the dishes you make.


3. Why buy decorations?

Why buy Thanksgiving decorations, instead you should clean the entire house, set everything in place. There is no better decoration than a tidy place. If you still want to decorate then you can do these two things:


  1. Make handmade bounty of pine cones, chestnuts, acorns, and colored leaves and paper.


  1. You can use Thanksgiving online coupons codes to minimize your expense for decoration.


4. Thanksgiving Coupons and promo codes

All most all retailers and manufacturers grant their product promotional coupons to coupon websites. To check the Thanksgiving coupons click here.


5. Get more/get less

Shop more of the non-perishable goods, but avoid buying too much food items.


6. Startup early

Almost every shopper will get up early to shop, so should you! If you won’t get in the shopping mall earlier you will fail to avail the best discount offers.


7. Use the old instead of buying new

For dinner try using whatever you have with you at home, for example, instead of buying bread crumbs, use the old bread you have at home. You can also make simple mayonnaise from scratch by using eggs, oil, lemon juice or vinegar and salt.


8. Don’t buy big brands

When buying something that is not worth the money or beyond your Thanksgiving Day budget switch to some other brand.


9. Compare the price

If you find the price of the alternate of the product better then go for that alternate product instead. Sometimes you can even buy substitutes for that product, buying a smartphone then buy a separate scientific calculator. A good smartphone will have a scientific calculator for it.


10. Walk alone and sit together

Try going alone for shopping you will not have to take care of the other person and the shopping cart. And if you are shopping online then sit with a colleague, friend or a family member, this will help in making a quick decision.


11. Buy Local

For food items, you should go to a nearby store but for non-perishable goods, you should try online shopping because online shopping is relatively cheaper and you get to earn heavy discounts.


12. Don’t throw the leftovers

Either it is a food item or it decoration piece, don’t throw it away, keep the decoration piece to be used the next Thanksgiving Day and try making something out of the leftover food.


13. Switch Stores

If one store doesn’t have what you are looking for or doesn’t have any appropriate offer then switch to the other, if you do that with online stores, it will be beneficial and quicker because you will not have to waste your energy and fuel when walking to the other store.


14. Pot Luck

Ask your friends and plan a Pot Luck party, everyone will make some food item and bring. Like this, you will not have to do everything yourself. And you will be able to save money too.

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